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About Us

Jamie Landry

Hello, my name is Jamie Landry. I am the owner of Landry Log and Timber Company and I would like to share the evolution of this company with you. I feel that meeting the log builder should be the first step in choosing the company to craft your dream home or cottage.


 At Landry Log and Timber Company, although we have loyal, dedicated craftsman as part of our team, I am the primary log builder on each project and will be part of every turn from start to finish.

Excellence and Professionalism 

 My post graduate studies include an education in Architecture, where I worked in the design field for more than 7 years. Wanting to move into the more hands on side of the building industry, I Incorporated a company in the early 90s and started building homes. For several years we built, almost exclusively, milled log homes throughout Ontario. Eventually, I completed the next chapter of log building and learned the art of handcrafting. I was fortunate to learn this art of log building from Pat Wolfe, one of the few pioneers that was part of the evolution of this crafts since the early 70s as well as one of the most respected teachers in the industry.

I continue to be progressive in the handcraft of log building and am proud to be one of the newer generations of handcrafted log builders. I look forward to carrying this special craft along to all of my new customers.


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