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Building Process


Here is a typical scenario of the building process:


1. First Meeting
  • introductions

  • discussion of house ideas, client presents sketches

  • discussion of log style, options

  • discussion of client budget

2. Second Meeting
  • review of preliminary sketches

  • presentation of preliminary price based on sketches

  • review of payment schedule


3. Subsequent Meetings
  • Revision of sketches / price as required with respect to house / style layout as well as budget


4. Commitment Meeting
  • signing of contract and approval of sketches

  • payment of draw payment #1 (ordering of logs)

  • client proceeds with working drawings 

  • placement of order for logs


5. Receipt of Logs (at log yard)
  • peeling of logs starts

  • commencement of log building


6. Completion of Round 3 (at log yard)
  • payment of draw #2 due


7. Completion of Round 6 (at log yard)
  • payment of draw #3 due


8. Completion of Log work (at log yard)
  • payment of draw #4 due

  • ready to coordinate / organize delivery


9. Delivery
  • log home is delivered to your home site

  • final draw payment due

  • erection of log work begins on your home site

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