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Milled Log


From our experience we are certainly aware of the desire for a milled or machined log home. Our goal is to offer a milled log product in a competitive price range so that all customers can afford a log home.


We are not in the business of selling you lumber, windows, doors, etc. We build log only packages. This means you are free to purchase the other components of your home from a more direct source than a log home company.


These log packages are built with white pine longs. They are double tongue and groove and contain two continuous rows of memory expandable foam gasket between each log. Chinking is not required. Profiles available are square and d-log (round exterior/ flat interior) with a planed smooth finish. Sizes available are 6x10 and 8x10 in the square profile and 6x8 in the d-log profile. Corner joinery is a butt and pass corner complete with spline. Logs are fastened together with lag fasteners. Butt joints have leach log dadoed to receive a wood spline complete with 2 rows of gasket. Window and door openings are prepared to receive a window buck allowing logs to settle free of obstruction. Unless otherwise requested, our shell package price includes erection on your home site.


We are also comfortable, and have many years of experience, erecting other milled manufacturers product, if you so choose.

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