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Scandinavian Full Scribe​


We begin by acquiring logs full tree length from our logger, receiving them in our yard complete with bark attached. We use Eastern White Pine unless otherwise requested. White Pine, in this region, is the most highly sought after species for its size, good insulating cell structure, straight grain character, and colour along with other favourable characteristics.


Logs are peeled in two steps. First we remove bark by hand using a peeling spud. Then the logs are drawknifed by hand to a clean, natural state. All limb ends are cut back flush and sanded smooth along with any scars that may have occurred during the logging process. All peeled logs are recorded with consideration to size, length, straightness or lack thereof, spiral grain if any, etc. They are then carefully selected for the different components of your home.


Log walls are precisely scribed along the full length creating a perfect fit to the log below. Corner joinery is a saddlenotch shrink-fit notch. This type of notch includes a relief allowance enabling the notch to continue to stay tight as the log below shrinks slightly in diameter through the drying process.


Long grooves between logs are filled with insulation upon rerction of the home. The intention of this insulation is to replace the void where wood has been removed within the relief between interior and exterior scribes. This insulation eliminates any possible air infiltration from freely passing up and down the long groove. Upon request, a memory expandable foam gasket can be installed along with insulation.


Settlement and shrinkage allowances for door and window installation has been accounted for. We mortise a keyway in the jamb location of the openings. A wood key is installed in the keyway providing a fastening surface for door and window units. Logs are permitted to slide down keys without obstruction.


Our standard log shell is constructed with logs tapering from 12 to 18 inches and larger. We build 10 rounds high providing a wall height of approximately 10 feet. Of course, larger diameter logs are available upon request having diameters tapering as large as 30 inches or more.


We know that people expect their log homes to arrive at their home site looking like they do in the magazines. That is why all our log packages leave our yard fully cleaned and pre-stained on all exterior surfaces. Stained surfaces will provide protection during the balance of your construction repelling water staining, ultra-violet rays, or dirt stains.


Our handcrafted log homes are crafted in accordance to the International Log Builders Association standards.

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